An in-depth look at the challenges and the business opportunities prevalent in the industry today

Episode 12 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

The Dramatic Increase In Mobile Data Usage Globally

Srinivas V, Assistant Vice President, Infinity

Episode 11 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How The Telecommunications Space Is Evolving To Keep Pace With Changing Customer Requirements

Pawan S. Kulkarni, Chief Operating Officer, Customer Solutions, Comviva

Episode 10 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How data is a key driver today and the advent of new-age technologies

Suresh Khosla, Senior Vice President and Head, Airtel Business, Comviva

Episode 9 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How the telecom industry in South Asia is undergoing a paradigm change

Tanveer Mahmood, Vice President and Market Unit Head, South Asia, Comviva

Episode 8 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How the messaging space has evolved over the last two decades

Deshbandhu Bansal, Chief Operating Officer, Messaging and Broadband Solutions

Episode 7 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How “growth” is at the centre of Comviva’s overall transformation journey

Neeraj Jain, Chief Financial Officer, Comviva

Episode 6 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How the AI, ML and analytics space is evolving and the potential entailed in these technologies

Aditya Dhruva, Chief Technology Officer, Comviva

Episode 5 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How Comviva is enabling operators in Africa to become digital first entities

Remus Teodorescu, Vice President, Global Market Unit, Comviva

Episode 4 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

Why banks require a “digital” strategy and focus on improving the customer’s experience

Vivek Agrawal, Head, Enterprise Business, Comviva

Episode 3 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

The digital disruption in the Middle East technology space

TRamy Moselhy, Vice President and Head, MENA Region, Comviva

Episode 2 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

why AI implementation must be guided and directed by the organizational vision for CX

Amit Sanyal, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Value Solutions

Episode 1 – #IgniteInnovation – Leadership Talk

How Comviva Is Creating An Impact That Transcends Boundaries, Touching The Lives Of Millions

Srinivas Nidugondi, Executive Vice President And Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Financial Solutions

Industry Insights

The Panel Disussion On Digital Future Of Development At UNDP

Featuring Srinivas Nidugondi, Executive Vice President And Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Financial Solutions, Comviva

Impact Of Exponential Increase In Data Uptake Globally On Technologies Such As 5G, The Internet Of Things, Etc.

Rajan Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association Of India (COAI)

Data – Not Merely A New Revenue Stream But A Facilitator For New Age Technologies As Well

Suresh Khosla, Senior Vice President And Head, Airtel Business, Comviva

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